Community Projects

Rolyn Engineering has long been involved in the local community.
Here are some highlights over the years.

During March 2019 Rolyn Engineering was the main sponsor for the Bergsig Bosveld Rugby Tournament which many school participated in.

Queens High School

During the 2018/2019 Rolyn Engineering has been involved with the Bergsig Academy Rugby Program.

During the heavy drought the Western Cape experienced during 2017/2018 Rolyn Engineering and the community of Rustenburg donated 4000 5 litre bottles of drinking water to Thornton Primary School and Wolraad Woltemade Primary School in Cape Town.

Some of the Rolyn Girls helping out at the SPCA Rustenburg January 2014

In 1999 the Rustenburg City Council asked us if we would assist in cleaning and painting some old Steam Engines that they had. We enthusiastically got involved. One of these Steam Engines was put on display at the Rustenburg Traffic Department.

Over the years we sponsored various sports teams at a variety of schools in the area, but in 2011 we made a commitment to Fields College in Rustenburg to help them with their Rugby Program. We were involved in this for the next few years.

In 1998 we were a sponser of the R.P.M. Rugby Club.
They made the Super Sport Club Championships that year.